Follow me! These are the types of words that change a person. All throughout the Gospels when we hear Jesus speak these words with authority we either see people leave everything behind and follow him immediately, or we see the case of the rich young man who can’t get rid of his possessions and goes away sad. Once Jesus speaks, life is not the same. 

We see this in the First Reading today as well. We are told that the Word of God is living and effective. God’s Word is power and we can feel confident in it, because as the First Reading notes, Jesus can sympathize with us and has been tested like we have, so we can confidently approach him and trust his word. 

I guess the question we should be asking from here is, do we believe that? It’s easy to say that we believe the Scripture is inspired, it’s harder to believe it will change our lives and speak to us even today. It’s easy to believe Jesus cared for the sinners and tax collectors talked about in the Gospel today, it’s harder to believe that Jesus cares about us personally. It’s easy to read these stories and think that it makes sense that they followed Jesus, but it’s harder to answer when Jesus comes to us and says “follow me”. 

St. John Paul II reflects on these words, “Follow me,” in the encyclical Veritatis Splendor. He says, “It is Jesus himself who takes the initiative and calls people to follow him. His call is addressed first to those to whom he entrusts a particular mission, beginning with the Twelve; but it is also clear that every believer is called to be a follower of Christ (cf. Acts 6:1). Following Christ is thus the essential and primordial foundation of Christian morality: just as the people of Israel followed God who led them through the desert towards the Promised Land (cf. Ex 13:21), so every disciple must follow Jesus, towards whom he is drawn by the Father himself (cf. Jn 6:44).” -VS 19

So when Jesus asks you to follow him today what will be your response? What will be mine? Will we drop everything and follow or will we walk away sad?

From all of us here at Diocesan, God bless!

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