I often have difficulty sleeping at night. I use this as an opportunity to ask God to speak to me. Insomnia can be a scary and unsettling occurrence. But what may appear to be a misstep is often exactly how God meant for it to be. We must go where God wants us to and listen to His nudges. A trusted friend has coined the term the “God-wink”, when things happen for one reason or another and we realize they are God’s intervention.

Right now, I can’t sleep particularly because I have nasal congestion. I often tend to get frustrated or disheartened. Yet I am so overdue for prayer and a conversation with God that this cold is a good thing. And since this post is also overdue, it works out, because in the silence that surrounds me, I can write and finally be aware of God’s presence. 

God, I need assistance to find patience and strength, to remember that you should be my number one priority, and that through this, everything else that needs to happen in my life will follow. Help me to find the words and to know your presence is right here with me when I am distracted by the busyness of daily life.

Today’s Gospel is a reminder of the importance of going to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together in prayer. It reminds us that Christ wants an active relationship with each one of us. Anything we need, we can find in life with Him. We just have to be able to listen to His voice. Sometimes, the silence of the night can be the best time to seize that opportunity. After all, it is in darkness that the presence of light is most appreciated.

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