As we read in the Responsorial Psalm, “Here am I Lord; I come to do your will”, we are reminded of the importance of pursuing the will of God in our lives. Not running from it or hiding from God but asking Him to give us the grace to do His will in our life. Obedience to God’s will allows His love to transform us into our true self.

As Catholics, we know that we live once on this earth, as the Epistle to the Hebrews states, “it is appointed that man dies once, and after this is the judgment.” It is so important that we actively seek the will of God and not lose sight of our end goal to be included in the very family of God. When we prayerfully seek to live out the will of God, we will discover that the Lord will flood us with graces that are signs we are doing God’s will.

In the Gospel passage, Jesus tells us that “Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.” For many, this Scripture can seem confusing at face value, but the Lord offers us a deeper insight into the family of God. The Family of God is open to all; it is an opportunity for us to be grafted in and to be called the sons and daughters of the great King. Jesus comes to us not only as our King but as our Savior, Brother, and Friend. He desires us to understand that no matter what, we have a family, and Jesus is the key to unlocking this relationship. Through Him we come to know and love His Father, the Holy Spirit, His Mother, and all the Saints who have been faithful to Him.

Jesus is not avoiding his personal family but is using this as an example of the intimate relationship He is offering to each one of us. He is offering us a more intimate relationship with Him than what we have with a parent or sibling. He wants to cultivate this relationship in our hearts and fulfill our deepest longings. 

St. Francis de Sales was an inspiring example of inviting others into the love of Christ and the family of God. As a missionary to Geneva Switzerland, which had become very anti-Catholic, he patiently labored for 3 years to bring to the people the true Gospel. His breakthrough came when the parents noticed how kind he was to children, and how much they enjoyed playing with him. After this, they opened their doors to hear his message. St. Francis emphasized the importance of unity with all who are in the family of God: “Let us walk on the way with our brothers and sisters gently, peacefully and amiably.”

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