Do you remember a time when your name was uttered and you felt pure joy?

Maybe it was a friend across the street. Maybe it was someone you ran into out and about. Maybe it was a family member you picked up at the airport. I can recall several of these times in my life, usually family and friends I had not seen in what seemed like forever, and it was a joyous reunion, complete with hugs and tears. 

I felt incredible joy when my name was said from across the road, across the store, or across the airport terminal. I was known, seen, and loved. Time seemed to stop in those moments. 

When I read today’s Gospel, my mind was immediately transported to when Mary Magdalene is at the tomb weeping and doesn’t recognize Jesus. She only recognizes Him when He utters her name. 

Oh, to hear that name! What joy Mary Magdalene must have known realizing Jesus was alive as he called her name. Nothing in my lifetime will ever compare to her joy. The only time I’ll experience what Mary Magdalene did at the tomb is when I step foot into Heaven and he says “Mary” to me. 

Because Jesus knows who we are, we can begin to see Him clearly. We know who we are when we are rooted in Christ, and who He calls us to be, and we begin to understand the depths of the love with which He calls us. 

Today, as we celebrate the Tuesday within the Octave of Easter, let us continue celebrating knowing that Christ has conquered sin and death. Let us go forth confident in the knowledge that Our Savior has intimate knowledge of each of us and longs for our love. Let us strive to return that love to Jesus, however imperfect, so that we might know Perfect Love in Heaven. And let us resolve to love Him more and more every day, so that, like Mary, we will know Who is calling us by name.

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