Over four decades ago today, a child was born. The birth was not an easy one. Born by emergency C-section after many hours of labor, the hue of the baby’s skin was more blue than pink. The umbilical cord had wrapped around its neck and air was needed pronto. The fact that the wee one was still alive was nothing short of a miracle.

As a teenager, this same person experienced severe appendicitis. With intense vomiting and pain, the Emergency Room became the only logical destination. Transferred to a different hospital due to logistical technicalities, time was running out. Finally on the operating table, the patient’s heart stopped in cardiac arrest. The fact that this teenager was still alive was nothing short of a miracle.

Several years later, hearing became difficult for this college student. After further evaluation, permanent nerve damage was discovered. The fact that this person could hear at all was nothing short of a miracle. 

As a college graduate, this young adult had trouble finding a job. The only option available was manual labor, so that is what was done, for years on end. The fact that this hardworking person found a job at all was nothing short of a miracle. 

Twenty years later, this individual experienced debilitating back pain and leg numbness. The diagnosis was grim and a risky surgery was needed. The fact that they could even walk at all was nothing short of a miracle.

Have you experienced pain and suffering in similar ways? Have you stopped to think what you DID have and what you were thankful for?

The people in today’s Gospel went grumbling to Jesus about why His disciples didn’t fast. Instead of realizing that the true Bridegroom was with them and basking in His presence, they chose to point fingers at others. Instead of viewing the suffering of fasting as something that would help their spiritual growth, they chose to whine. The fact that they were standing in the presence of God made man, was nothing short of a miracle. 

What ways can we shift our attitudes in times of suffering to realize the amazing realities all around us? The fact that we are alive and loved by our God is nothing short of a miracle. 

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