The story in today’s Gospel has always stood out in my mind. It paints such a vivid picture. I can almost see the men making a hole in the roof and lowering their friend on a mat into the crowded room.

One interesting detail intrigues me: Mark says when Jesus saw their faith, he told the man his sins were forgiven. I’ve heard it said that it was the faith of the men who were carrying him that Jesus saw, and the paralytic man got the benefits of their faith in action.

While it is certainly true that he did, I would argue that the paralytic man must have had faith all his own. He was also seeking out Jesus. He agreed to the risk of falling and incurring bodily injury because he knew it would be worth it. 

In our lives today, I think we need to be willing to both carry and to be carried. Sometimes demonstrating our faith means taking direct action, and sometimes it means cooperating with God and others who can do what we can’t do ourselves.

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