Recently, I saw a meme that actually made me laugh out loud. 

The meme said that God factors in a person’s stupidity when putting a calling on one’s life. It went on to say that this was “the most comforting thing I ever heard.” 

In the Gospel today, Jesus tells us that we did not choose Him but He chose us to bear fruit and abide in Him. Not to deny the free will that we have as humans, but to acknowledge the call to live in Him that every human person has. Even so, God could foresee how we would choose. 

Every action, every “yes” or “no”, every step taken in life – God foresaw how we would choose and yet he still called us by name to follow him. The only way we can follow him is if we remain rooted in his love – Jesus, the Vine and us, the Branches. 

During these days between the Ascension and Pentecost, let us continue to pray for the gift of the Spirit who consoles and guides all who ask. May we ask the Spirit to guide our footsteps toward the True Vine. 

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