This passage is part of a prayer Jesus offered to God prior to his passion and death. It expresses his desire that we, the Church, may be one with God just as Jesus is one with God. He wants us to have his joy in a world where we will be hated. He asks God to keep the Church safe from the evil one because the Church is not of this world. 

I find this prayer comforting because it reminds me that Jesus knows what we are being asked to do – he did it too – and he is praying on our behalf. It’s increasingly difficult to raise a Catholic family in this world that we are in but not of. The societal narrative goes against many things Jesus taught as truth. It’s comforting that we were not tossed into a challenging situation by a God who isn’t prepared to be by our side. 

We are not alone as we strive to be one with God and raise families that are one with God. We were made for more – the world of heaven where we will be in full communion with our Lord. And while we are here in this world on earth, God surrounds us with others to support us. Who supports you as you raise your Catholic family? Hopefully we can count on our extended families and our parish communities. 

We believe God’s Word is truth (John 17:17) and we cling to that truth. The Catholic Church has remained for over 2000 years. Jesus founded it, Jesus prayed for it, and Jesus remains with us in it. 

Lord Jesus, surround us with good and faithful people with whom we can journey together. Help us to be that supportive person to others as well. 

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