Saint Adele was a notable figure in early medieval Europe, renowned for her piety and dedication to religious life. She was born into royalty as the daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany. Following the death of her husband, Adele chose a life of religious devotion and became a nun. During this period, she also ensured the well-being of her son, who would later become the father of Saint Gregory of Utrecht.

Adele’s commitment to her faith led her to establish a convent near Trier, at a place called Palatiolum. She served as the first Abbess of this convent, where she was admired for her holiness, wisdom, and compassionate leadership.

Her religious journey was also influenced by her association with Saint Boniface, known as the Apostle of Germany, who was a guiding figure in her spiritual life. Adele and Saint Boniface corresponded, and one of his letters to her has been preserved in historical records.

Saint Adele lived a life marked by fervent faith and good deeds, deeply engaged in her communion with God. She passed away in the year 730, leaving behind a legacy of devout Christian service and leadership.

Photo credit: ErSQUaTEsCHr via Wikimedia Commons

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