September 10, 2021


Sarah Hart is one of the leading figures in contemporary Catholic music today, her songs of faith having touched the lives of thousands. Originally from Lancaster, Ohio, she holds a degree in music from The Ohio State University. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee she spends much of her time on the road — juggling a busy songwriting, recording, concert, and event schedule. She is also an avid writer, having published multiple retreat books, along with a musical based on the life of Saint Bernadette.

She currently lives in Nashville with her husband and two daughters.




A prolific songwriter, Sarah’s work can be found in numerous worship resources for use in the liturgy. Many of her songs are part of the common worship experience of Catholics including “Go in Peace,” “You Alone,” “Christ The Lord,” and numerous others. She has released 11 solo albums, including “Above Earth’s Lamentation”, “Til the Song Is Sung”, and more recently, “Sacrament”. Sarah’s prowess as a songwriter blended with her sweet, lilting vocals and strength of melody welcome listeners of every age, and many of her songs have been covered by musicians such as Amy Grant, Celtic Woman, Matt Maher, and The Newsboys. Grant’s recording of “Better Than a Hallelujah” earned Hart a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Song. She also writes songs for commercial placement in film and TV, as well as scores for Scholastic children’s animated works. Sarah’s newest collection “Love as Never Before”, features four new songs alongside her recently released Mass of St. Mary Magdalene.


As she travels, Sarah values her shared experiences with those she meets along the way. She has traveled extensively as a speaker, songwriter, and musician, and loves sharing — with humor, joy, and her unique authenticity — the message of the hope and love of God. Her journeys have taken her throughout the United States and abroad, including singing for Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square. “It’s all about faith and the human experience, and that’s what allows people to relate. You have to be in touch with that experience as an artist; fearlessness in that place of honesty, and being able to write, speak and sing from it is, for me, the key.” Sarah’s dynamic energy, sense of humor, and deep faith make her events unforgettable experiences.

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