“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light: upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone”
Isaiah 9:1

November 25 – December 17 at all Masses

The Knights of Columbus will be selling ‘Keep Christ in Christmas‘ Religious Christmas cards after all Masses beginning November 25 through December 17. Please remember the Reason for the Season and Keep Christ in Christmas this year.


Contact:  Bill Schemensky • 858-748-5227 • schemensky@cox.net

Greeting the Season

By Patrick Scalisi

‘Knights of Columbus Christmas card program helps to keep Christ in Christmas’

In many ways, the celebration of Christmas has become a paradox: It is, of course, a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, to give generously to charity and to spend time with family. At the same time, Christmas is often a time of heightened frustration as people overspend on lavish gifts and suffer bouts of consumerist rage in the malls, in the supermarkets and on the roadways . Communicating the fundamental meaning of Christmas is hard enough without having to search in vain for greeting cards that don’t compromise the holiday’s Christian meaning.

This motivation led Robert E. Canfield of Roanoke (Va.) Council 562 and a group of like-minded Virginia Knights to launch a “Keep Christ in Christmas” greeting card program in 1989. Frustrated with the lack of religious Christmas cards that he remembered so fondly from his youth, Canfield set out to rectify the problem and provide a service to Christians that he felt was missing. The Knights of Columbus Christmas card program that he started more than 20 years ago has since expanded from an award-winning state program to an international initiative.

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