“To him who wishes to walk in the path of virtue, nothing is more necessary than the reading of spiritual books.”
Saint Athanasius

Need a great Catholic book? Look no further than our own parish hall for many resources on a variety of topics!

While some of us like books more than others, we should all spend some time reading spiritual writing, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. If we had the chance, we would all love to talk to great saints like St. Anthony of Padua, St. Augustine, or St. Thomas Aquinas and get their advice on the spiritual life. While we can’t converse with them face to face, we do have the next best thing—their writings.

Spiritual writings are just some of the topics available, other subjects include practical wisdom on everything from penance to prayer, fasting to friendships, bibles and studies, plus many more. Come visit the library and see what inspires you today!

Contact:  Parish Office • 858-653-3540 • info@stgg.org

Book List

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2. Books are organized by category, which corresponds to shelf placement.*

3. Checkout is on the honor system. Limit:  Two books per checkout.  Please return within 4 weeks.

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*Please contact the parish office for assistance, or for access to the library.