Conversion and formation are ongoing responsibilities of the mature Christian. Candidates preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation are required to participate in ten (10) hours of service per year. Of those ten hours, five must be completed through a church ministry, and five must be completed with other community organizations.

Confirmation service projects are to be modeled after the Corporal Works of Mercy or the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Click the links below for guidelines:

As Catholics, we are called to go out to the world and serve those in need. At the end of every Mass, Father tells us “Go out to love and serve the Lord”. This is not merely a nice sentiment at the end of Mass, it is acknowledging that we have received Jesus in the Eucharist and now it is our job to take Him to the world. Although this is a requirement, it is also your chance to go out and make a difference. Be the hands and feet of Christ to the world. This is an incredible opportunity to pray and respond to God’s calling to serve the community.

You will receive emails with service opportunities, but do not wait to hear from us; the world needs you now!

Additional Service Opportunities:


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