“No one who reads the Holy Scriptures can fail to be struck with the repeated injunctions to turn our eyes inward, to walk in the Divine Presence, to see and taste and listen to God in the soul.”
Isaac T. Hecker (“The Church and the Age” CA, 24)

Saint Gregory the Great offers several Bible study groups. The goal of this ministry is to develop strong Catholic Christian leaders through the regular in-depth study of Scripture. Study of the Holy Bible will enhance your experience of Sunday Liturgy and enrich your spiritual journey.


Contact:  Dennis Poirier • 858-243-2455 • dkpoirier@gmail.com

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Dear Parishioners,

All three of our Bible study classes are concluding by June 11th and will resume by Sept 9 and 10. The new studies will be announced soon. Please check back!

Blessings, Dennis