“It is your life that Jesus wants to enter with His word, with His presence. Please, let Christ and His word enter your life, blossom and grow.”
Pope Francis

The youth ministry is geared toward high school students to help them grow in the faith by following Jesus Christ and living as his disciples in today’s world. This dynamic group attempts to realize this mission through a creative and inclusive youth group, a formative confirmation program, and a spirit-filled youth-led Mass.

Meetings incorporate faith-based games, songs, drop-in nights, outings, retreats, conferences, and service days throughout the year.


Contact:  Vinny Kyamko-Yap • 858-653-3591 • youthministry@stgg.org

Join Us!

Are you interested in forming the hearts and minds of future generations in the Catholic faith?  Our youth ministry and parish religious education program rely on the dedicated and generous service of parishioners who serve as catechists and volunteers. To volunteer, or for further information, please contact the youth minister.

Safe Environment

All catechists and volunteers will be background checked and trained in compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People is a comprehensive set of procedures established by the USCCB in June 2002 for addressing allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy. The Charter also includes guidelines for reconciliation, healing, accountability, and prevention of future acts of abuse.

The Charter directs action in all the following matters:

  • Creating a safe environment for children and young people.
  • Healing and reconciliation of victims and survivors.
  • Making prompt and effective response to allegations.
  • Cooperating with civil authorities; Disciplining offenders.


One of the requirements of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People is that parishes make information available regarding Sexual Abuse and how to report it.  Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by a parish or Catholic school employee or volunteer can be made by contacting Lisa Petronis: 858-490-8353 or click here .