May I write one check for multiple funds?  Please write one check for each fund and keep in separate envelopes. (For example; Sunday Donations & Parish Development.) Many of our funds go to different bank accounts, and we want your accounting to be as accurate as possible for your end of year tax statement.

How do I receive envelopes?  All registered parishioners will receive envelopes automatically. If you haven’t registered, you may do so here:  Registration. 

If I wish to make one donation for multiple dates, do I need to turn in envelopes for each date?  No, one envelope and one check with a note is sufficient for regular Sundays in ordinary time. Holy Days and Holidays do need separate envelopes and checks please.

Who do I make checks payable to?  Checks can be made out to Saint Gregory the Great or “STGG”.

May I make donations via auto bill pay from my bank?  Yes, however, it’s crucial that your name and the fund you wish donate to are clearly identified in the subject line. (For example:  “Christmas”.)

How do I decide how much to give?  People often wonder about the “right” amount. The right amount is between you and God. There is no gift too small or too large. In the end, it’s about gratitude, generosity and giving freely.

May I give a gift if I’m not a member of this parish?  Absolutely! Many people have been touched by Saint Gregory the Great, either in Mass or through one of our many ministries. Guest envelopes are available in the pews for your convenience.

Is my donation tax-deductible?  Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We send out annual tax statements for any amount exceeding $300, or upon request for any amount.

Is my giving to the church confidential?  Yes! We take your privacy very seriously. Saint Gregory the Great will never share your personal or financial information with anyone else.

If I use a generic envelope in the pews, do I need to fill out the information completely?  Yes, please complete all fields.  Many parishioners have same or similar names, and it’s not always clear who to give credit to for your end of year tax statement.

Can I donate anonymously?  Yes, this is certainly an option, however, this is the only means the church has of recording your attendance at Mass. Some of our sacraments require proof that you are practicing your faith, for example, weddings, baptisms, or funerals, so it’s ideal to let us know who you are.


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