For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20

Connection 2 Christ (C2C) is a movement comprised of small group communities. With the support of Evangelical Catholic, our partner organization, leaders are trained, and small group faith communities are formed. A small group is 6-10 adults who gather regularly to connect their faith with everyday life, reflect on scripture, get to know Jesus better, and make new friends. It is a sure way to grow deeper in your faith.


Contact:  Deacon Ron Diem • 858-653-3582 •

Small Group Communities

Saint Gregory the Great (STGG) has embarked on a movement to continue the true mission of our Mother the Church, which is to proclaim (evangelize) the Word of God. Evangelization means to proclaim Jesus Christ in our words and action. STGG is providing a means of fulfilling the mission by establishing small groups of 6 to 10 members to share life and faith with one another, reflect upon God’s Word, and pray for and with one another.

Small Groups are a primary vehicle for the movement of the Holy Spirit. They create environments where friendship and God’s Word serve as catalysts for deeper conversion.

Saint Gregory has partnered with Evangelical Catholic to provide a pathway for our journey to Christ and equip our parish to drive a movement of evangelization by developing a community of lay disciples committed to:

  1. Prayer – Deep, regular, and vulnerable prayer- both individually and communally – that fosters intimacy with God and reliance upon him in all things.
  2. Discipleship – A lifetime pursuit of Jesus, growing in habits and attitudes that foster holiness.
  3. Community – Mutual sharing of life, faith, and encouragement with other believers.
  4. Evangelization – Sharing the Good News of God’s love with others, in both word and action.

These small groups are formed and led by a leader or facilitator who has received instruction, training, extensive resources, and ongoing shepherding by the parish.

Connection to Christ team. They help to bring Spirit-filled prayer, discussion of the Word, and the cultivation of friendships to these small groups as they journey together to God through our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For more information, contact Deacon Ron at

1% Challenge

1% of your day is 14 Minutes and 24 Seconds
(For the sake of simplicity, let’s round that up to 15 minutes)

How you spend that time could change your life. Try spending 15 minutes each day in God’s presence – reading, reflecting, responding, and resting with his Word. Take the 30-day kick start challenge described here. Unplug for 1% of your day with no dings, no pings, no-frills, no multi-tasking. Just you, the Lord, and His Word. It has always been a life-changing practice and it always will be. God’s word is unpredictable in its power.

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