Saint Margaret, an English princess, fled to Scotland with her mother to escape a conquering king. In Scotland, King Malcolm welcomed them, soon falling in love with Margaret. Their marriage marked the beginning of significant changes for Malcolm and Scotland.

Margaret, as queen, had a profound influence on her husband and the nation. Malcolm, though inherently good, was rough around the edges, which changed under Margaret’s wise counsel. Her influence softened his temper and inspired him to pursue virtues more earnestly. Her presence also transformed the Scottish court, bringing refinement and civility. The nobility emulated her manners, and the women admired her purity and devotion.

Both King Malcolm and Queen Margaret were paragons of piety, often seen praying together and personally aiding the poor. Their unified desire was to foster happiness and virtue in their realm.

Margaret’s impact extended beyond the court; she addressed the widespread ignorance and malpractices in Scotland. Her efforts led to the hiring of quality educators, the rectification of harmful customs, and the construction of new churches. She personally contributed to the beauty of these churches, embroidering priestly vestments for the glory of God.

The queen was blessed with eight children, including the future St. David. Despite her many joys, Margaret also faced profound sorrow, learning of the deaths of her husband and son, Edward, during her final illness. Yet, in this suffering, she found gratitude, thanking God for the opportunity to atone for her sins through grief.

Saint Margaret’s life teaches us to balance our earthly duties with the anticipation of heavenly joys. She is venerated on November 16th, a day to remember her legacy and emulate her saintly virtues.

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