Saint Scholastica, born around 480 and passing in 543, devoted her life to divine service from a young age. Following her brother, St. Benedict, to Monte Cassino, where he established a renowned monastery, Scholastica settled nearby at Plombariola. There, she founded and led a convent for nuns, located roughly five miles from her brother’s monastery. St. Benedict played a role in guiding his sister and her convent as well.

The siblings maintained a tradition of annual visits. Since St. Scholastica couldn’t enter the monks’ monastery, St. Benedict, accompanied by some monks, would meet her at a designated location some distance from both monasteries. These visits were cherished times of spiritual discussion and prayer.

During one memorable visit, after a day filled with prayer and devout conversations, Scholastica requested her brother stay over till the next morning. St. Benedict declined, citing the rule against spending the night outside the monastery. Scholastica turned to prayer, and suddenly a severe thunderstorm erupted, making it impossible for Benedict and his monks to leave. The storm ensured they spent the night in continued spiritual discourse. They parted the following morning, never to see each other again on earth.

Three days after this event, St. Scholastica passed away. St. Benedict reportedly saw his sister’s soul ascend to heaven in a vision. He then arranged for her body to be brought to his monastery and buried in a tomb he had reserved for himself. St. Scholastica’s death occurred around 543, with St. Benedict passing shortly after. Her legacy is celebrated annually on February 10th, marking her feast day and commemorating her life of spiritual dedication and the profound bond shared with her brother.

Photo credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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