Saint Roderic, also known as Ruderic or Rodriguez, navigated a tumultuous life in 9th-century Spain, a period marked by intense persecution of Christians by the Moors. Amidst this strife, Roderic’s familial bonds were severely tested; his siblings diverged drastically in faith—one abandoning Catholicism, while the other embraced Islam.

A fierce dispute between his brothers escalated into violence, and Roderic’s attempt at peacemaking was met with brutality, leaving him severely injured. In a cruel twist, as he recovered, his Muslim brother exploited his weakened state, forcing him through the streets and falsely declaring his conversion to Islam.

Confronted by authorities and questioned, Roderic firmly rejected the claims of his conversion, asserting his Christian faith. This act of defiance was deemed apostasy by the Muslim rulers, leading to his arrest. Imprisoned alongside Solomon, another accused of renouncing Islam, both men faced their fate together. On March 13, 857, Solomon and Roderic were executed by beheading, their commitment to their faith unwavering to the end.

Photo credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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