September 3, 2021


The Vigil Project is a collaboration of musical artists who create music for Catholics. Following the Liturgical calendar, they write, record, and release music that invites Catholics into a deeper experience of prayer with the Church. The palpable difference between their music and that of other Christian artists is the sacramental lens through which they approach their Faith and their art. They desire to create music that will serve you in your walk with Christ on this Catholic journey.

Their mission is to help restore devotional prayer in the Catholic Church that deepens participation in the Sacraments and liturgical seasons. This is accomplished by helping Catholics learn to pray with music once again.




The Vigil Project creates beautiful music for the Catholic journey as they collaborate with Catholic musicians from all over the world. Their broad expanse of genres includes original songs for the sacred seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas, original songs for ordinary Catholic devotions such as the love of the Holy Spirit, unfailing faithfulness of God, and the embrace of our Mother, Mary.

In addition, The Vigil Project explores new instrumentation while maintaining some elements of the ‘Vigil’ sound, which exudes an ethos of praise and of worship that’s uniquely Catholic. They also delve into musical “Lectio Divina” of sorts, with its instrumental compositions inspired by contemplation on the Scriptural chapters of Exodus. Journey through the Word of God and experience His voice in a new way through dynamic instrumental music for prayer and reflection.


The Vigil Project provides excellent events for parishes, dioceses, schools, universities, and Christian organizations. They work with everyone from professional event planners to Church pastors and passionate parishioners to offer powerful experiences of prayer to their communities. Learn more about how you can bring us to your community.

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