Saint Mary Cleophas, among the trio known as the “three Marys,” played a crucial role in the narratives of the New Testament. She was a steadfast follower of Christ, present during His crucifixion at Calvary and later visiting His tomb. Married to Saint Cleophas, who was Saint Joseph’s brother, she was also the mother of Saint James the Less.

In 47 AD, Saint Mary of Cleophas, along with several others, was forcibly placed on a boat by the Jews, deprived of sails and oars, and cast adrift at sea. Her voyage concluded in France, where she is said to have passed away. This extraordinary odyssey from Jerusalem to the French coast led to the naming of the landing spot as les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, translating to “the Holy Marys of the Sea.” This name commemorates not only Saint Mary of Cleophas but also Saint Mary Magdalen and Saint Mary Salome, marking their shared legacy.

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