Today’s Gospel starts with the words, “Jesus said to his disciples…” It doesn’t say, “Jesus said to those who were close to him physically.” It doesn’t say, “Jesus said to his followers at the time.” It says, “Jesus said to his disciples…” Of course, Jesus was talking to Peter, Andrew, James, John and the rest, but he was also talking to you and I. He was talking to every disciple throughout the ages. 

Jesus is truly God and truly man. As God, he exists outside of time. He knew what the disciples of that time would go through. He wanted them to know that even the darkness of the time of sorrow and pain following the crucifixion would be transformed into joy. Not just any joy, but joy like that of a woman after she holds her baby for the first time after giving birth. They would experience a joy so deep and so profound that they would forget what had happened before that.  

This is just as true for us today. We exist because God knows us so intimately that he holds us constantly in the palm of his hand. He knows every detail of the joy and pain in our lives. That means that whatever sorrow, pain, embarrassment, difficulty or struggle we endure, Jesus is speaking to us, to our hearts. Whatever this world holds for us, what is to come is beyond our wildest imagination. It is a happiness, a joy outside of anything we have ever experienced. 

The pangs of birth in our former lives will be forgotten in the joy of being in God’s presence. 

For the time being, our job is to trust. It is so hard when we are in the midst of whatever we are facing. It is so easy to just give in to the pain and the hurt, to allow it to become our focus. We have Jesus’s words spoken directly to our hearts, and he tells us to hang in there, indescribable joy is just around the corner. 

So wherever you are, whatever you are facing, my prayer for you today is that you are able to trust. Reread today’s Gospel and let Jesus talk straight to your heart. 

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